Title: Judaa Hoke Bhi 2022 Hindi
IMDB Ratings: 9.8/10
Release date : July 15, 2022 (India)
Genres: Horror
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p 480p pDVDRip
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Writers: Mahesh Bhatt, Shweta Bothra, Aman Puranik
Stars: Akshay Oberoi, Aindrita Ray, Rushad Rana


Judaa Hoke Bhi 2022 Hindi 720p 480p pDVDRip x264 Full Movie

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Aman in rage and fury steps out of the house and meets with a fatal accident. The doctor tells Meera that Aman has gone into a coma for an undefined time. Meera is devastated but patiently waits for Aman. Then one day Aman wakes up. Meera who is overjoyed to get Aman back, resolves to bring Aman home and start their lives all over again. But while Meera borrows money to take care of the hospital bills she realizes Aman has hit the bottle within the confines of the hospital. At this point Meera stops chasing hope. She leaves aman to himself and leaves for the ghost writing job in Uttarakhand.

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